After the Oscars, what’s next for The Artist’s Silent Stars?


If they’re anything like most Oscar winners, the team behind The Artist will spend the first day of their lives in harmony with the greatest, and most profitable, in the Hollywood tradition.

Woke up, pinched themselves, made sure that -Ui! – It really was a golden statue on their bedside table, the new French movie stars probably devoted their waking time to thinking about two important questions: how to move that throbbing hangover and which career should suddenly be chosen on their horizon. ?

The silence is broken

The first will not be easily answered. After seeking refreshments at the Governor’s Ball, the team that won five of Sunday’s Academy Awards – including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor – postponed a pack party at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood hosted by their film distributor, Harvey Weinstein.

They then jumped through the bash of the Vanity Fair, before heading to the Chatto Marmont Hotel, where around four in the morning, several exuberant members of their group jumped into the swimming pool in full dress.

The second post-Oscar question needs more careful consideration. Like any winner of the show business’s biggest acclaim, The Artist’s leading man Jean Dujardin, director Michelle Hazanavicius and producer Thomas Langman will be immersed in potential job offers for now. But, as any Hollywood agent will tell you, an excess of choice is not always an easy decision to make.


On a purely realistic level, history says that all three, if they wish, could lead the artist’s success to financial security. The film has already grossed $ 76 million worldwide and is now being rolled out to more than 2,000 movies in the United States to further capitalize on its best film status.

As well as earning “back-end” from that pot – which must be sunk by the indifferent Weinstein – they are entitled to use their modish status to secure significant paydays.

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