Airbnb overhaul site searches with rental categories

Airbnb said on Wednesday it was revising the way consumers search for rent lists, adding dozens of sections to its current listings, including “chef’s kitchen” and “historic houses”, most of which are searched by location.

The company will allow people to book in-house splitting and it promises new protections for tenants when listings fall short of the promise of advertising.

Airbnb says the changes will help people find lists they didn’t know before and stop overturning to popular destinations in locations they didn’t consider.

CEO Brian Chesky called it the biggest change to the company’s site in a decade.

The changes are being introduced this week to predict that Airbnb will have a strong summer season for rent. Last week, the company forecast second-quarter revenue to exceed $ 2 billion, exceeding analysts’ previous expectations. The nights and experiences booked in the first quarter were over 100 million for the first time in the company’s history.

Visitors to the Airbnb site will see a list organized by 56 categories, which include activities such as beach attractions, skiing or surfing activities or home styles.

The split-stay feature allows people to book two different homes on the same trip in the same area or to rent two different places in a section like two separate national parks on the same trip.

The San Francisco-based company added that all bookings would include a promise or refund to find a similar or better home if the host cancels a booking within 30 days of check-in or the list falls short of the promise, such as having fewer bedrooms. Than advertising

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