Amazon has entered Ducan Tech, launching smart commerce to help locals digitize

As part of its commitment to digitize 10 million Indian small businesses by 2025, US retail giant Amazon has launched a new initiative called Smart Commerce to digitize the store operations of its partner stores.

The program will help local stores digitize their offline activities, enhance the in-store experience for walk-in customers and create their own online storefront to serve customers directly, Amit Agarwal, SVP, India and Emerging Markets, Amazon at its flagship annual conference. Amazon has announced. Smooth.

Smart Commerce will unveil its first set of solutions next week to digitize billing and inventory management for local stores and enhance the in-store experience. This will be followed by the launch of other tools to help stores create their own online storefront and voice and chat-based shopping solutions.

“Stores of any size can now take full advantage of Amazon to provide their customers with a trusted experience, no matter where they are, in their physical store, directly through their own online storefront or And we are committed to digitizing one million small businesses in the country by 2025 and are excited by the potential openings by Smart Commerce to accelerate progress, ”he said.

At its inaugural Summit Summit in January 2020, Amazon pledged to digitize 10 million MSMEs, generate 10 10 billion in growing exports from India and create 2 million jobs in India by 2025. The company recently doubled its export commitment from 10 10 billion to $ 20 billion. Same time frame.

Amazon claims that it has already digitized more than 4 million small businesses and local stores, an increase of 2.5 million from last year and created more than 1.16 million direct and indirect jobs in India, including adding 135,000 new jobs in the last one year alone.

Manish Tiwari, country manager of Amazon’s India Consumer Business, who opened the event, said more than 50 per cent of’s 1.1 million sellers, 85 per cent new customers and 65 per cent all customer orders are coming. Geographical level 2 and below. More than 8 million local stores and small businesses use Amazon Pay for transactions.

“In 2021, we have crossed a significant milestone of 1 million sellers on More than 270,000 local neighborhood stores are now partnering with Amazon, expanding their business by selling online, partnering for last-mile delivery and assisting as a shopping point, ”Tiwari said.

He said more than one lakh Indian exporters are part of its global selling program, which is on track to surpass $ 5 billion in e-commerce exports without offering any timeline.

In an interview with Agarwal, Dave Clark, CEO – a global consumer at Amazon, said the company has invested more than $ 18 billion worldwide in successful sales of partners since 2020.

“With over 24,000 employees dedicated to supporting vendors across the company. To better support our vendors, we’ve doubled our completeness network capacity since the epidemic began, opened dozens of new delivery stations and fulfillment centers around the world, and hired more than 500,000 new employees across our completeness and transportation network, “Clark said.

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