Amazon shares were priced at $ 1.5 in 1997, Jeff Bezos recalled

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos walked down memory lane and recalled Amazon’s market list 25 years ago. In May 1997, Amazon was listed on the Nasdaq as AMZN.

Bezos went on social media to celebrate 25 years of being recognized for his labor of love. Amazon Boss writes that this journey to success is “far from smooth” and includes risk-taking and innovation. He also quoted a song line from the rock band Grateful Dead in his tweet.

Bezos tweeted, “25 years ago yesterday, AMZN came out in public. As the grateful dead will say, “What a long, strange trip.” It’s been a long time coming. Lots of risk, lots of innovation, lots of mistakes, we still have to do better. I will not trade rides for anything. ”

A Twitter user asked Bezos what the price of the 1997 Amazon IPO was. Bezos replied, “1.50.” Amazon stock is currently trading at 2.307.37 on the exchange.

His tweet drew the attention of a user who asked what the billionaire noticed the biggest change in himself on this trip.

According to Forbes, Bezos is currently the third richest person in the world with a net worth of 1 141.1 billion. He is followed by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk with a net worth of $ 230.4 billion and LVMH’s Bernard Arnold and family total assets of $ 148.6 billion.

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