APAC has lowest post-bid fraud rate: report

DoubleVerify (DV) has released its 2022 Global Insights Report (GIR), analyzing media quality and performance trends from one trillion impressions across more than 2,100 brands in 80 markets. The report provides a market-by-market analysis of the year-over-year (YoY) from January-December 2021, measuring video and display impressions across North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC, including desktop and mobile web, mobile apps and Attached is TV (CTV).

According to the report, APAC’s lowest post-bid fraud rate is 1%, while ad fraud rate in India has declined by 5% per year (YoY) and is currently 0.5%. However, this does not mean that APAC does not contain fraud, it does indicate that pre-bid controls eliminate fraud before proceeding for post-bid blocking or monitoring.

In addition, worldwide, the number of fraudulent schemes uncovered by DV has increased by 70% annually from 2020 to 2021. In 2021, a number of schemes targeting CTV and video, the most complex of which were OctoBot, SneakyTerra, ViperBot and SmokeScreen. According to DV estimates, these schemes attempted to steal more than -8 6-8 million per month from advertisers, and CTV schemes could steal $ 140 million from publishers in 2021.

DV’s Global Insights report, published in 2017, reported 52% of display viewability and 59% of video views, said Mark Jagorsky, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Currently, they are close to 70% or more. In addition, we saw less for a second year in a row of brand security breaches. Based on our statistics, verification technology makes the Internet safer and more secure, ”he added.

According to the report, the big brands in the APAC region focus on visibility and provide it, with a 17% increase in video visibility in the region. In addition, APAC has the highest video visibility, with room for improvement in display visibility, five percentage points away from the IAB’s proposed 70% threshold. According to the report, DV has seen more ads in the mobile app on APAC than in other regions. Compared to desktop, mobile apps, and the mobile web, the app’s display and video viewing rates were highest (72.5% and 77.4%, respectively), with the lowest brand compatibility violation rates (4.4%). Furthermore, it noted that over the past year there have been significant improvements in the brand’s relevance and visibility as the growing impact of their commitment to quality and media validation was realized. Brand suitability violations in India have declined by 38% year on year and are now at 6.5%.

Nachiket Deole, Head of Sales, India, DoubleVerify, In the last few years, the issues of visibility, ad fraud and brand security in India’s digital advertising ecosystem have become more complex. “However, marketers and advertisers today are more aware and demanding of responsibility. They understand the underlying challenges and look at all components of digital media quality when evaluating their digital purchases. Therefore, the growing adoption of ad verification in India is no longer in its infancy, and GIR 2022 highlights the same. As the cost of digital advertising increases in the country, the advertising ecosystem needs to be integrated to create a safe and transparent environment and ensure media quality across channels, ”he said.

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