Ashani Beyani resigns as managing director of Future Consumer

Ashani Beyani, daughter of Future Group founder Kishore Beyani, has resigned as managing director of Future Consumer, citing personal reasons, and will continue to serve as non-executive director on the board.

Beyonc করেছেন resigned due to personal limitations and challenges, leaving her unable to devote the necessary time and attention to the company, Future Consumer said in a regulatory update.

Ashwini Beyani’s resignation follows Rakesh Beyani, who resigned a week ago as managing director of Future Retail, another group company. Apart from Rakesh Biyani, other officials including the company secretary also resigned.

Following his resignation, Future Consumer has appointed Samson Samuel as acting CEO (nominated as Chief Managing Officer) from May 12, 2022, the statement added.

“I am honored to be in touch with future consumers to serve as CEO. I am well aware of the challenges we face in restoring the company to profitable growth and reducing the debt burden by selling certain non-strategic assets. I will work closely with the board to fulfill my mission.” Samuel said.

Samuel was previously part of Future Group and recently was the CEO of Nilgiris.

Debt-laden Future Group companies have witnessed recent resignations, including Future Retail Company Secretary Birendra Samani (April 30, 2022) and FRL Independent Director Gagan Singh, among others.

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