Blink Digital has launched its web3 vertical

Digital agency Blink Digital has launched its Web 3 vertical, covering Metavers, NFT and Web 3 applications, announcing its entry into the decentralized world. The move is in line with the agency’s vision to bring in the brand and increase the connection between the brand and the audience. The agency has forecast a 300% increase in its revenue with the launch of Vertical.

The idea to bring three-dimensional experience started with a virtual reality (VR) device and has come full circle with Web3 and Metavers, says Amer Ahmed, technology director at Blink Digital. “Blink is at the crossroads of digital creativity, innovation and the power of the Internet, so our entry into Metaverse Focus Marketing has come naturally to us. We’ve started working with a few brands for their NFT and Metaverse campaigns. We believe that Metavers will play a significant role in the next decade of advertising and we want to be ready before it becomes democratic in terms of both creation and monetization, ”he added.

The company has launched NFT projects and metavers activation across platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible and Decentraland, and was behind the OnePlus 10 model launch on Amazon in Decentraland. According to the agency, using blockchain technology, Blink Digital has helped many users sell and trade NFT. The company has provided end-to-end services ranging from strategy and development to installation and promotion of brands. Additionally, the company is working for brands to influence NFTs and metavers.

Over the past few months, Blink Digital has claimed that web3 has increased its revenue from verticals by 100%. In addition, clients have increased by 60% this year in terms of winning new mandates.

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