Casino GST Rate: Ministers agree to impose 28% GST on casino, race course

The Group of Ministers (GoM) has agreed to recommend a 28 per cent increase in GST rates on casinos, race courses and online gaming services.

At a meeting on May 2, the GOM discussed various aspects, including possible GST rates and technicalities, for the operation.

After the meeting, GOM convener and Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma said members were able to move forward on issues related to rates, assessments on the basis of which rates should be applied, and discussed some issues related to online gaming. Details.

Sangma, who led GOM last year to study GST rates on covid-related materials, said the meeting also discussed whether there is a general or different GST rate on online gaming.

“The government, a number of industries, stakeholders and associations need to be involved in the management of casinos, race courses and online gaming. With all these factors in mind and considering the views of all stakeholders, we will decide on rates and other related issues,” he told the media.

However, the recommendation is subject to the final approval of the GST Council, who will discuss it and make a final decision.

Currently, the GST rate is 28% for online games involving betting, and 18% for non-betting games. An 18% tax rate is also levied on commissions collected by online gaming platforms for each game.

In the case of horse racing, GST is levied at 28% of the total bet value.

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