CBI arrests 4 officers for illegal raids at Chandigarh firm

The CBI has fired four of its sub-inspectors for allegedly extorting money from them after they were arrested in a corruption case for being involved in an unauthorized operation at a Chandigarh-based company, officials said on Thursday.

As part of its zero tolerance policy towards corruption, CBI Director Subodh Kumar Jaiswal took action after bringing the embarrassing incident to his notice and issuing orders to dismiss the accused officers, they said.

Sumit Gupta, Pradeep Rana, Ankur Kumar and Akash Ahlawat – all sub-inspectors of the CBI’s Delhi-based unit – were taken into custody by the agency after being booked in corruption cases related to illegal activities, they said.

The matter came to light after a Chandigarh-based businessman approached the CBI with a complaint that on May 10, six people, including a CBI officer, entered his office and threatened to arrest him for providing support and money to terrorists. Information about it.

“It was further alleged that the accused forcibly took the complainant in a vehicle and demanded Rs 25 lakh from him,” CBI spokesperson RC Joshi said.

During the “operation”, a brawl ensued and an officer was arrested, officials said.

Others were later identified, they said.

The CBI conducted a search of the premises of the accused officers during which criminal documents were recovered, Joshi said.

“As part of its Zero Tolerance Policy on Corruption and Other Crimes, not only in the case of outsiders but also in the case of its own officials, the CBI immediately registered a case after receiving the complaint, identifying three more officers involved and the implications of their arrest.” .

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