Chidambaram: Sedition Act: Rijiju hits Chidambaram; Reminds him

P Chidambaram on Thursday questioned the remarks of Kiren Rijiju Laxman Rekha after the Supreme Court had stayed the sedition law petition, reminding the senior Congress leader of the decision taken by the Nehru and Indira governments on freedom of speech and sedition. .

In addition to the Supreme Court’s stay on the sedition law application, Rijiju on Wednesday directed the “Lakshman Rekha” to direct various bodies, including the executive branch and the judiciary, and said that no one should cross their “boundaries”.

In response to his remarks, Chidambaram said that the Indian law minister has no power to draw any “arbitrary laxman line” and that Article 13 of the constitution should be read.

“The legislature cannot make a law, or allow a law to be in the books of the constitution, which violates fundamental rights. The sedition law, in the eyes of many jurists, violates Articles 19 and 21 of the constitution,” the former union minister said on Twitter.

“All the king’s horses and all the king’s people cannot protect this law,” Chidambaram said in a jolt at the center.

Rijiju also took to Twitter to hit back at the former Union Minister.

“Is this why Nehruji introduced the First Amendment and for the first time in the history of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi made Section 124A a countable crime?” He was surprised.

Rijiju claimed that citizens were harassed, intimidated and arrested during the Anna movement and other anti-corruption movements.

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