CM Bomai: Cuttack BJP core committee to discuss RS, MLC polls on Saturday: CM

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bomai on Friday said that the Karnataka BJP core committee which will meet on May 14 will discuss preparations for the four Rajya Sabha seats and assembly elections in the state and candidates. The biennial elections for the four Rajya Sabha seats in Karnataka and the election of each graduate and teacher in the State Legislative Council will be held on June 10 and 13, respectively.

The biennial elections to the Karnataka Legislative Assembly will also be held on June 3.

“On May 14, there will be a meeting of the state BJP’s core committee. During the meeting, we will discuss the Rajya Sabha and Assembly elections,” Bomai told reporters here.

BJP’s Rajya Sabha members, including Nirmala Sitharaman (Union Finance Minister) and Casey Rammurthy, expire on June 30, necessitating elections to four Rajya Sabha seats.

Members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by a single transferable vote in a system of indirect election by the elected members of the legislature of that state according to the system of proportional representation.

Legislators need to be elected to the Legislative Assembly as the term of seven members, including BJP’s Laxman Sangappa Savadi and Lahar Singh Siroya, expires on June 14.

According to sources, in these votes, each MLC candidate will need a minimum of 29 votes to win and a minimum of votes will be required and counting it with the strength of each party in the assembly, the BJP will be able to win four. Seats, Congress two and JD (S) one.

However, the state legislature needs a vote for each graduate and teacher constituency as the four-member term is coming to an end, including BJP’s Hanmant Rudrappa from the North-West Graduation Center and Arun Shahapur from the North-West Teachers’ Constituency. 4th July.

The BJP has already announced three candidates – two current MLCs, Arun Shahpur (North West Teachers Constituency) and Hanumantha Rudrappa Nirani (North West Graduates Constituency), and former MLC MV Ravi Shankar (South Graduates Constituency).

Basavaraj Horatti, who is currently the chairman of the Legislative Assembly and was last elected on a JD (S) ticket, could be the BJP’s candidate from the West Teachers Center.

The ruling BJP currently has 37 members in the upper house, where it is just one short of a simple majority. The half mark in the 75-member legislature is 38.

Congress has 26 members and JD (S) has 10 members. Apart from the chairman, there is also an independent member.

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