Congress: ‘Conditions’ to apply to Congress ‘One Family One Ticket’ rule

On the first day of the congressional thinking camp on Friday, there was a clear signal from the leadership that it would apply conditions and concessions to the “one family, one ticket” policy.

Ajay Maken, general secretary of AICC, said in Udaipur that an aspirant interested in introducing the Shibir ideology, an aspiring “second member of a family can be considered for a party ticket only if he has already worked for at least five years. Organizational work of the party”.

It should, technically, qualify all three members of the Gandhi family. Obviously, both Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka will be eligible to contest even if Sonia Gandhi decides to retire from electoral politics for health or any other reason. It will also create the quality of the team’s other strong “family trees” from across the country.

The party also spoke of another proposal – as previously reported – to reserve 50 percent of seats on the party panel for leaders under the age of 50 as an incentive for youth. However, McCain said Congress believes in “using both old and young in the party” and that tradition will continue.

Of course, McCain added, the final decision would be made on the basis of the consensus of the delegates participating in the thinking camp.

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