Dawa Dost: Easy to make medicine in pocket

The rise in privatization has led to a huge increase in healthcare spending for Indians, with more than 60% of such spending being out-of-pocket spending, according to a recent report by the Policy Commission. To solve this problem, Setup, Dawa Dost, a start-up, provides customers with high-quality, affordable options (in branded generic form). Launched in 2018, it is a leading end-to-end digital platform for consumer healthcare aimed at covering more than 1 billion Indians. It claims to enable 50-80% savings on medical bills driven by the idea of ​​buying and selling drugs at the right price.

Currently, Dawa Dost has 66 stores in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra and offers its services in 19,000 zip codes across India. It has partnered with small shop owners in Tier-II and III cities to deliver affordable generics directly to customers. It is an omnichannel platform that caters to over 2 million subscribers through both online and offline channels, enjoying a repeat rate of over 45%. The company’s content platform, Medwiki, 6+ is the world’s largest healthcare provider with over 700,000 videos in Indian languages. Its other offer, Karma Dost, aims to tackle drug addiction in India through the benefits of technology. For example, the platform has a reminder feature that rewards people for taking medication on time.

“Through our platform, we have enabled over মোট 203 million in total savings for our customers so far. Our affiliate marketing model has reached more than 2,500 grocery stores in Tier-II and III cities across India. We have a QR code that helps customers choose from the 70,000+ drugs we offer and upload prescriptions where needed. Once an order is placed, Dawaa Dost enables doorstep delivery through its online delivery model / Dark Store, ”said Amit Chowdhury, CEO and Founder, Dawa Dost.

Going forward, it aims to have 500+ stores in India in the next 24 months and partner with more than 30,000 grocery stores by the end of FY23. Dawa Dost wants to be within the 5 minute radius of every Indian. “We already have a monthly reach of 50 million customers, which we will increase to 200 million by December 2022. We want to help save one billion dollars in overall healthcare costs by 2025,” Chowdhury added.

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