DNEG has entered into a multi-year visual effects agreement with Netflix

Visual Effects (VFX) and animation company Double Negative (DNX) has announced the signing of a new, multi-year service agreement with streaming service Netflix. The Non-Exclusive Agreement covers the provision of visual effects and virtual production services by DNEG for the Netflix series and feature programming. The new agreement extends and extends to the previous agreement that the company signed in September 2020 and builds a pipeline of Netflix programming work for DNEG by 2025.

The agreement is a turning point for DNEG and it creates opportunities for global expansion and investment in DNEG’s technology, said Namit Malhotra, chairman and CEO of DNEG. “The signing of this multi-year agreement reflects our partnership with Netflix and gives legitimacy to DNEG’s strategic direction and global growth initiatives. This agreement allows us to continue providing netflix services throughout its programming worldwide. I look forward to DNEG’s relationship with Netflix and our work on some of their shows. To meet the demand for our services and drive further growth, DNEG wants to expand our capacity to 40% by the end of 2022, ”he added.

The DNEG-Netflix Agreement aligns DNEG’s scale with Netflix’s programming slate as one of the content service providers. As part of the agreement, DNEG will expand premium VFX work based on its existing Netflix work, both at home and abroad. DNEG’s Redefine division will also provide VFX services and creative oversight for Netflix programming.

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