Elon Musk says the Twitter deal is stuck at 3AM Pacific Time: What Happened

When Financial Times reporter Dave Lee tweeted quoting Elon Musk’s latest surprise attack on Twitter, he asked – “How seriously do you take” temporarily hold “at 2:51 am PT?”

In fact, how important it should be for someone to share a Reuters story with the headline – “Twitter speculates spam, fake accounts consist of less than 5% users” – with billionaire-entrepreneur writing ” Supports / fake accounts actually represent less than 5 percent of users “.

Given that the billionaire has the money to buy Twitter and is already wreaking havoc internally, he should be taken seriously because he is going to be a problem for both the platform and its employees.

Musk previously mentioned that one of his top priorities would be to remove spam bots from Twitter, “or try to kill”. A Twitter report on Monday estimated that “less than 5 percent of its monetized daily active users represent false or spam accounts in the first quarter,” Reuters reported.

So, Twitter has 229 million users who were advertised in the first quarter and less than 5 percent of them are spam bots.

Twitter has bots, and Mask doesn’t like it. But is that reason enough to hold the contract? Apparently, following Musk’s logic, no one stopped him.

Under the deal, if the Twitter deal goes through, Musk will have to pay a 1 billion termination fee. And seeing the way Musk is playing with the company, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if one day at 3AM he randomly decides he doesn’t want it anymore.

Twitter’s two top executives have already left the company on Thursday, with one of them mentioning that they had been asked to leave. Since the deal that allowed Twitter to buy Musk, Musk has consistently attacked the company for its past decisions, trolling Twitter’s top lawyer Vijaya Gadde and shouting for freedom of speech. It is very difficult to take him seriously at the moment as a man who can be trusted with a platform like Twitter.

At the moment, we expect him to pay $ 1 billion and go back to sleep at the shitpost another day.

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