Elon Musk’s shopping is expected to stop, ready in all circumstances, Twitter CEO

Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal said the deal with Tesla CEO Elon Musk for the purchase of the platform was not an excuse to avoid making important decisions for the company’s health.

In a thread on the platform, Agarwal said that even if the acquisition of the tech billionaire was temporarily halted, the deal with Musk was expected to close while he waited for data on the proportion of his fake accounts. Agarwal added that Twitter needs to be prepared for all situations and do what is right for it.

Musk last month announced a 44-billion acquisition of its micro-blogging platform.

Agarwal said the changes could raise questions about the “lame-duck CEO” before the acquisition, but that he needed to be prepared for the situation and decide what was right for the company.

“Yesterday we announced changes in our leadership team and operations. Changes that affect people are always difficult, “the CEO tweeted.

“I will not use the agreement as an excuse to avoid making important decisions for the health of the company, nor will any leader on Twitter.”

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He said he was responsible for managing and managing Twitter and noted that it was their job to build a strong Twitter every day. Agarwal says that regardless of company ownership, Twitter will grow as a product and business.

“No one on Twitter is working just to turn on the lights. We are proud of our work, “the CEO tweeted. He added that he focused on doing his job, including making tough decisions.

“I will continue to embrace the complexities of our service and our business. And you can expect more change for the better. “

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“We will try to bring more transparency in the work we do. You don’t see tweets from me about ‘day topics’ or biting the loudest words, but our teams are working on ongoing, ongoing and challenging work to improve public conversation on Twitter. “

Agarwal also thanked his Twitter team on Twitter. “They stand strong and attentive, sharp and agile. They are working as usual. ”

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