Enthusiasts of Indian Railways visit Nagpur Railway Museum to know about Narrow Gauge

Narrow Gauge Rail Museum Nagpur: For those who are interested in Indian Railways, if you ever visit Nagpur, make sure to stop at the Narrow Gauge Rail Museum, which showcases the glorious history of the narrow gauge railway system. According to the Ministry of Railways, a beautiful 1916 Bagnal Make Steam Locomotive Narrow Gauge Railway Museum is on display at Nagpur. Some of the unique features of the narrow gauge system of Indian Railways are beautifully illustrated through paintings. The star attraction of the Narrow Gauge Rail Museum Nagpur is a toy train that takes the perimeter of the museum area, according to the Ministry of Railways.

Another place of interest for railway enthusiasts – the National Railway Museum in New Delhi – represents the rich heritage of the Indian railway network. The National Rail Museum’s extensive outdoor gallery features a variety of steam, diesel and electric locomotives. Also, it has an interesting collection of cars, royal saloon, train car, armored train, wagon and a turntable. According to the details found on its website, the interactive displays and models displayed inside the indoor gallery of the National Railway Museum show remarkable stories about future endeavors in the Indian railway network along with the early transport modes so far.

There are also some interesting collections of historical photographs, documents, railway patterns, static exhibits, antiques and old furniture. The National Rail Museum has state-of-the-art, 3D virtual reality technology that takes visitors back in time. The indoor gallery at the National Railway Museum uses digital as well as mobile technology to make people’s visits interactive, educational and engaging. The National Railway Museum in the National Capital has an array of mobile applications and websites that allow a railway enthusiast to interact with the exhibition from a distance. It was inaugurated on 01 February 1977 by the then Railway Minister Kamalapati Tripathi.

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