Error in portal GSTR-2B, GSTR-3B; Deadline may be extended: CBIC

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) said on Tuesday that Infosys had reported an error in the “April 2022 Generation GSTR-2B and the auto-population of GSTR-3B on the portal”. It added that while taxpayers are facing problems, extending the deadline is under consideration.

“A technical error has been reported by Infosys between the GSTR-2B of April 2022 and the auto-population of GSTR-3B on the portal. The government has instructed Infosys for a preliminary solution. The technical team is working to provide GSTR-2B and will soon be working to automatically correct the crowded GSTR-3B, “the board said on Twitter.

It added, “Considering the difficulties that taxpayers have faced in filing their GSTR-3B for the month of April 2022, a proposal to extend the deadline for filing GSTR-3B for April 2022 is under active consideration.” Sorry for the inconvenience.

This comes after the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) issued an advisory on May 15 regarding incomplete GSTR-2B.

“It has been noted that in some cases, certain records for the month of April 2022 are not reflected in the GSTR-2B statement. However, such records are visible in the GSTR-2A of such recipients. The technical team is working to address this issue for affected taxpayers and is developing a new GSTR-2B soon, “it said in a statement.

It asks affected taxpayers who wish to file GSTR-38 to file a self-assessment return using GSTR-2A.

For regular taxpayers, GSTR-2B is a fixed monthly automatic draft statement. It was introduced from the tax term of August 2020. According to Cleartax, “GSTR-2B provides eligible and ineligible input tax credit (ITC) for each month, similar to GSTR-2A but remains fixed or unchanged for a certain period of time”.

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