Gemarji has launched its international operations in the Middle East

Gemarji has started its international operations in the Middle East, starting in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The company claims to have plans to launch in other Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries within the next three months and then expand its reach to Southeast Asia.

As part of the activity, the company is currently hosting four games on MENA, PUBG Mobile, FIFA 22, Call of Duty Mobile and Clash Royale, and plans to host a cross-border tournament soon. In addition, it is influencing gaming and partnering with companies. According to the company, it is targeting 250,000 game and paid users in the Middle East. Gamerji is pursuing a subscription-based model to differentiate itself from Real Money Gaming (RMG).

Founded in 2019 by Soham Thacker, Gamerji is an Indian sports tournament platform. Previously, Thacker has worked on building platforms such as FantasyGi (a fantasy sports platform) and F20 CoHort Company (a global sports innovation hub for early-stage investments in sports and sport). He has more than 10 years of experience as a founder of various ventures including business knowledge and knowledge of gaming sector. Gamerji has so far raised more than মিল 2 million from marquee investors such as Unicorn India Ventures, Lead Angels and Stadia Ventures. The company claims to have more than 30 million users in India and hosts 300 tournaments every day.

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