Google has partnered with Samsung to make it easier for apps to sync fitness data

Google has partnered with Samsung to create Health Connect, a platform and application programming interface (API) that gives developers a toolset to sync user health data between Android devices and apps. This platform will smooth the ability of users to track their health and fitness data across the platform.

Users need to select the platform. Once they consent, developers can compile user health data in an encrypted hub located on the user’s device. Google has said that users will have complete control over what data they share and the apps they share it with. If multiple apps collect the same data, such as the steps taken, users can choose to share it with one app from others. Health Connect supports more than 50 data types such as activity, cycle tracking, body measurements, sleep, nutrition and more.

“We are working with Google and other partners to realize the full benefits and potential of Health Connect,” Samsung executive vice president Taizong Jiang said in a press note.

“I am excited to confirm that Samsung Health will also adopt Health Connect later this year. With users’ permission, it will enable app developers to take advantage of accurate and optimized data measured for Samsung Health in the Galaxy Watch and use it in their apps as well. “

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Currently, Health Connect is an open beta and accessible to all Android developers. In addition to Samsung, Google is working with the developers of Leap Fitness, MyFitnessPal and Withings on an early access program. Google Fit and Google-owned Fitbit will accept the health connection, which means the technology should be available in time for the Pixel Watch to launch later this year.

Google’s openness to its products has made it technologically advanced, and the Health Connect API is another example of the technology giant’s willingness to collaborate. Unlike Apple and Samsung, Google does not force users into its ecosystem. However, with the advent of the Pixel Watch and Android tablets, Google may start to look at its products more subtly if users want to buy into its expanded Pixel lineup.

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