GuardianLink has launched its first Web3 start-up incubator has launched its Web3 Accelerator. The goal of the Web3 Startup Incubator is to transform Web2 gaming companies into Web3. According to the company, GuardianLink intends to incubate 10 Web3 companies by the end of the year under the direction of Arjun Reddy, co-founder of GuardianLink.

Reddy said the polygon has put India on the map with the Web3 infrastructure. “GuardianLink’s goal is to carry a torch in the NFT gaming and commerce space. We believe in sharing our skills, technology and even learning from our mistakes with new entrants. This will help us build the culture of Web3 in India, “he added.

According to the company, one of the first batches of startups is Dali, co-founded by Jahnbi Ramalingam and Daniel Mark. Startup is an NFT intelligence platform that feeds brands and manufacturers seeking to launch NFT collections with their artists in the pulses market.

“The Accelerator Program is a way for entrepreneurs to look at the Web3 space and gain a hands-on learning experience, cross-pollination of ideas and access to various thought leaders and top level stakeholders. This will be possible through the arsenal of resources provided to us by GuardianLink, “said Jahnbi Ramalingam, CEO of Dali.

The company claims that blockchain-enabled products such as NFTs and decentralized financing (DeFi) are entering the Web3 era. Formed and managed by the community, Web3 allows individuals to own things in a decentralized way. “As a result, Web3 will witness collaboration to build a project behind shared culture and values.” GuardianLink’s Web3 Accelerator has been incubated at IIT Madras Research Park to make progress in this space, ”the company said.

GuardianLink has recently launched a Zero Gas Fee Layer 2 solution related to the Indian NFT ecosystem. According to the company, it has been recognized with 55,000 NFT sales in nine minutes on Jump.Trade, with Amitabh Bachchan’s NFTs being launched for one million dollars.

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