Hardik Patel left the Congress a few months before the Gujarat elections, speculation is rife

More than a month after criticizing the work of the Gujarat Congress, the Patidar leader left the party on Wednesday, giving a huge push to the Congress ahead of the Assembly elections. It came amid rumors in the state’s political circles that he was planning to jump into the BJP.

“Today, I have the courage to resign from the post of Congress party and from the initial membership of the party. I am sure that my decision will be welcomed by all my colleagues and the people of Gujarat. I believe that after this step of mine, I will be able to work really positively for Gujarat in the future, “Hardik wrote in his tweet, which came with his resignation letter sent to Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Last month, Patel slammed the party’s state unit and the Congress leadership, comparing his position in the party to that of a “groom forced into sterilization”. The influential Patidar leader – then acting president of the Gujarat Congress – came a day after the Supreme Court signaled his willingness to contest the upcoming state elections after he was convicted in a 2015 case.

In his resignation letter, Patel wrote: “Despite several attempts to steer Congress in the right direction, the party continues to work against the interests of my country and our society.”

“The youth of our country want a strong and capable leader. Over the last 3 years, I have seen the Congress party and its leadership at both the central and state levels decline to oppose everything, where people are always looking for an alternative that thinks about their future and is able to take India, “he added.

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