Health OK has launched a new digital film starring Anil Kapoor and Ranbir Singh.

Mankind Pharma Health OK has launched a new digital film featuring brand ambassadors Anil Kapoor and Ranbir Singh. As part of the second phase of the #HealthOKTohSabOK campaign, the film highlights that multivitamins help strengthen a person’s overall health and maintain energy levels.

One aspect of maintaining good health is to ensure that a person’s body supplies all the nutrients it needs on a daily basis, but there are times when one is unable to replenish essential nutrients, where multivitamin supplements fill nutritional deficiencies, says Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales and Marketing , Mankind Pharma, Dr. “The idea behind the digital film was to highlight the benefits of using Heath OK in a daily routine to improve overall health and general well-being and how to help maintain it. Energy level. So, Kapoor and Singh were the right choice to talk about energy levels, ”he added.

The purpose of the digital film is to inform the audience about the benefits of taking ‘Health OK’ multivitamin. The ad film shows Kapoor and Singh working in a gym and talking about the fact that they have finally discovered the secret of each other’s strength and overall fitness, which has turned Heath OK into a multivitamin.

According to the company, daily use of multivitamin supplements helps the body retain micronutrients, which are essential for the body’s development for optimal functioning. Thus, it builds up the immune system and helps maintain energy levels.

Mankind Pharma is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1995. The company operates in 34 overseas destinations and has pharma, over-the-counter (OTC) and FMCG brands such as Manforce Condoms, Manforce Tablets, Manforce Stalling Gel, Unwanted 72, Prega News. Under its portfolio are Gas-O-Fast, Calorie 1, Cubgend, Acne Star Gel.

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