IIT Kharagpur School identifies the qualitative aspects of shared transport

IIT Kharagpur has identified quality aspects of school buses such as safety, security, staff behavior, punctuality, protection from pollution and comfort as the priority areas for intervention to make the services shared with parents attractive.

The IIT study highlights the need and use of shared mode as a way to reduce traffic congestion on the city’s narrow streets, said Vargab Maitra, a professor of civil engineering at IIT Kharagpur, on Saturday.

The results of the project justify a shift from the current rent-centric approach to improving overall services with adequate emphasis on relevant qualitative and quantitative features, Maitra said.

The study, which began about five years ago, identifies an extensive list of features that influence school choices, school authorities ‘opinions, and vehicle operators’ perspectives.

A comprehensive survey was conducted to understand the perceptions of parents in the city, taking into account the needs of both departments – those who have cars and those who do not, he said.

In Kolkata, about 12,000 parents were contacted for the survey and more than 7,000 of them responded, Maitra told PTI.

The survey was conducted in two phases. In the first round it identifies priority features that need to be improved, while in the second round it captures the effect of improving priority features on mode of transport for school.

As part of the study, a standard operating procedure was developed for all stakeholders involved in school travel.

“Improved identification features are expected to increase the attractiveness of shared modes for school travel and reduce the share of private cars by 5-7 per cent. Also, with the improvement, the generalized costs of non-car-owned parents are expected to be reduced by 2-3 per cent. Indicates 6

The overall reduction in the amount of traffic during school opening and closing is expected to reduce vehicle emissions and bring environmental benefits, “Maitra was quoted as saying in the study.

The report states that school children, their parents, school bus drivers and conductors, as well as enforcement authorities / school administrations and police have advised stakeholders and standard operating procedures (SOPs) on school travel.

According to the SOP, the police, school management and enforcement authorities should maintain police records of all drivers and conductors involved in school transport, each driver must have at least five years of driving experience before taking school assignments, a record. Applies speed governors to all vehicles involved in school transportation and to school vehicles, it says.

The SOP has asked parents of school children to check the driver’s license, keep a copy of it, write down the vehicle registration number, check the condition of the tires of the vehicle and strongly discourage the use of worn or resold. Do not allow a child to travel without tires and seat belts.

It is the duty of drivers and conductors not to smoke while on duty, not to consume alcohol or tobacco, to always follow a certain route and to follow the instructions of the police, to always park the car in the designated place and never to leave small children near their home. Told to keep.

Kids should walk on their designated sidewalk, not cross the street without the help of an adult, and return home for help if a child misses a school bus.

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