Imran Khan News: The United States has made Pakistan a ‘slave’ without attacking it, says former Dr.

The US has enslaved Pakistan without attacking it, ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan has claimed that the people will never accept an “imported government”. Khan, a 69-year-old cricketer-politician, voted out of power in a no-confidence motion last month, which he alleges was conspired by the United States to help local players pursue an independent foreign policy. .

Since his ouster, Khan has held several public rallies in various cities, identifying the new government led by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif as a “traitorous and corrupt ruler” imposed by the United States.

Since his ouster, he has accused the United States of conspiring against his government – an allegation the United States and the current government have denied.

“The United States has enslaved Pakistan without attacking it. The people of Pakistan will never accept an imported government,” he told a rally in Faisalabad in Pakistan’s Punjab province on Sunday.

The former

The United States has been accused of being a self-centered country that does not help others without seeing its own interests.

Khan said on Sunday that Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari would “beg” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for money so that he (Khan) could not return to power.

An invitation was extended by Blinken for Pakistan’s participation in the Ministerial Meeting on Global Food Security to be held in New York on 18 May.

Khan Bilawal and his father Asif Ali Zardari have been accused of corruption and hiding their wealth around the world.

“Since all of Bilawal’s assets are stored outside the country, he cannot dare to bother the United States, otherwise he will lose everything,” Khan told the rally.

The former prime minister on Saturday claimed that a “conspiracy” to assassinate him was being hatched in Pakistan and abroad, warning that if anything happened to him, the public would know about the perpetrators through a video message he had recently recorded and placed. In a safe place.

Khan has already announced a long march in Islamabad. He said the March date would be released after May 20.

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