Jairam Tagore: One accused arrested in Khalistan flag case, says CM Jairam

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Tagore on Wednesday said that one accused involved in the ‘Khalistan’ flag incident has been arrested.

Thakur said the two accused were involved in putting flags on the walls of the state assembly, one of whom was arrested this morning.

Speaking to ANI, Thakur said, “I want to say that in the case where the Khalistani flag was tied at the gate of Himachal Pradesh Assembly, I am sharing for the first time that there were two accused who came to carry out the whole incident. One of them was arrested earlier today.”

Asked about a reported threat issued by a banned organization that the rocket-propelled grenade blast outside the Punjab police intelligence headquarters in Mohali could also happen outside the Shimla police headquarters, the state chief minister said the incidents were happening. “Things to worry about” in the state.

“I do not want to say anything about the threat and as far as Gurpatwant Singh Pannun is concerned, I do not take him very seriously, but there are some things that are happening which are a cause for concern,” he said.

Meanwhile, after the ‘Khalistan’ flag was found hanging on the main gate and wall of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly, the state police on Sunday filed a case against Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, general counsel of the banned organization ‘Sikhs for Justice’ (SFJ), calling him the ‘main accused’. Case

In view of the incidents of Khalistani elements in neighboring states and the erection of a Khalistani banner in Una district on 11 April and the erection of Khalistan banners and graffiti in Dharamsala outside the assembly boundary. In view of the threat posed, the DGP-HP has directed the field formation to be on high alert from today, “said a statement issued by the Himachal Pradesh Police.

Shortly after the incident became public, a police official said flags had been removed from gates and walls.

Kangra police superintendent Khushal Sharma said, “We have removed the Khalistan flag from the assembly gate. It may be the work of some tourists from Punjab.”

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