Kejriwal is trying to ‘frighten, blackmail’ people in his anti-occupation campaign:

The Delhi BJP on Monday accused Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of trying to “intimidate and blackmail” the people in a campaign against the occupation of civil society and said that the real inhabitants of the city would not be harmed even if they lived in unauthorized colonies or slum clusters.

However, Bangladeshis, Rohingyas, rioters and those involved in illegal activities, “those protected by the Aam Aadmi Party” will not be exempted, he said.

His statement came after Kejriwal claimed in a press briefing that BJP-ruled municipal corporations planned to demolish houses and shops which were considered illegal and would make 6.3 million people homeless. In response, Delhi BJP president Aadesh Gupta, speaking at a press conference, accused Kejriwal of “just showing ignorance” and “lying again”.

“Kejriwal has expressed his pain so I want to make sure that no Bangladeshi, Rohingya, rioter and those involved in illegal activities and those protected by the AAP will be released,” he said.

But any truthful Delhiites living in unauthorized colonies or slum clusters need not worry because the BJP and the Modi government have sided with them, he said.

Kejriwal did not want to face the truth in the anti-occupation campaign, he said. “Once again, Kejriwal has tried to intimidate the people of Delhi. This blackmailing will not work Kejriwal ji, people know how big a liar you are! As you have claimed, there are not 63 lakh houses in Delhi, “he said.

The Modi government has given ownership rights to 4 million people in unauthorized colonies, which the AAP has not been able to do despite being in power for more than seven years, he said.

“The Kejriwal government kept files for regularization of unauthorized colonies and files for the Jahan Ghugi Wahan Makan scheme for 3-4 years,” he alleged.

He said the BJP had helped the people and worked for the development of the city during the party’s 15-year rule in three municipal corporations. Gupta further alleged that AAP MLAs and volunteers were demanding money from the people “with fear and promise of help” to save their homes from destruction.

“I have received complaints from West Bihar and Burari. The AAP legislators have resorted to this reprehensible thing by going to the party volunteers to inform them that their houses will be demolished and they will be demanded money to save them, ”he complained.

Gupta alleged that the Kejriwal government had been sitting on the ‘Jahan Ghugi Wahan Makan’, or slum rehabilitation project, for four years, before the Center took it forward and still built 15,000 houses.

Earlier in his press conference, Kejriwal condemned the anti-BJP campaign carried out by BJP-ruled municipal corporations in different parts of the city, saying that if bulldozers demolished the shops and houses of 6.3 million people in Delhi, it would be considered illegal. Let there be “the greatest destruction” in independent India.

In a meeting with Aam Aadmi Party legislators on the issue, he told them that they should oppose the anti-occupation campaign even if it means going to jail.

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