LK Advani’s ‘gift’ enters the State Department’s exhibition hall

WASHINGTON: A statue of an elephant made of artificial pearls and semi-precious stones, presented by then-Indian Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani to US Secretary of State Colin Powell in 2002, has entered the State Department’s exhibition hall.

“Secretary Colin Powell received the gift from Indian Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani,” the State Department said in a statement below the elephant statue.

In fact, it is one of less than 50 gifts received by the Secretary of State over the years by foreign dignitaries selected to exhibit at the exhibition hall at the Henry S. Truman Building, the headquarters of the headquarters. State Department, official sources said.

Describing the gift, the State Department said, “With the royal applause, the great man ascends the howda or tent seat, as the mahout or guide takes the elephant in front.”

“This colorful Cloisonne statue dates back to a time when elephants were an essential part of Indian life – for travel, for war, for land protection and for crossing forests,” it says.

The elephant statue was created by Neeru Goel, an Indian Bengali artist who specializes in enamelware sculpture.

Explaining the reasons for selecting this special gift from India for display at the exhibition hall, the department officials said that elephants are a cultural icon of the country, which has become a status symbol representing wealth, wisdom and wisdom for centuries. Power

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