Maharashtra BJP spokesperson slaps Sharad Pawar for ‘insulting’ post

Two days after Maharashtra state BJP spokesperson Binayak Ambekar was caught on camera in his office alleging physical abuse by Nationalist Congress Party workers, Pune police have yet to take any action against the group. On Saturday, a BJP spokesperson was allegedly slapped by NCP men for making “insulting” social media remarks aimed at party chief Sharad Pawar.

A video of the attack went viral after state BJP chief Chandrakant Patil posted it on Twitter. “Maharashtra Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Pvt. Binayak Ambekar was attacked by NCP goons. On behalf of the BJP, I strongly condemn this attack. These NCP thugs must be dealt with immediately! Read captions in Marathi.

In a video shared by Patil, a group of men, allegedly NCP workers, were seen arguing with Ambekar while he was sitting at his desk. One of them suddenly got hit in the face during the fight.

Ambekar has lodged a complaint with Kharak police station in Shukrawar Peth area of ​​the city alleging that he was assaulted at his Pune office. Subsequently, the Pune police registered an unsolved crime against the four under sections 323 (voluntary assault) and 504 (intentional insult for disturbing the peace). However, no arrests have been made so far, a police official told The Indian Express.

Ambekar alleged that the motive behind the “pre-planned attack” was to create a video and promote it. He claimed that he had already removed some lines from his Facebook post after some senior BJP leaders objected to it.

“I posted a poem on my Facebook page,” Ambekar told the Indian Express. I didn’t name anyone. But yes I agree that I should not have written the last two lines of the poem. I also received phone calls from our leaders Girish Bapat and Jagadish Mallick. They said that they had received a phone call from NCP’s Ankush Kake objecting to my post. I immediately deleted line two at the request of my leaders. But I also realized that the two lines were irrational. I then apologized in a Facebook post. ”

“It’s not my team’s tradition to want something bad for someone. When this came to my notice, I withdrew the last two lines from the post. The rest of the post is still standing and it doesn’t name anyone, “Ambekar told the Indian Express.

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