Maharashtra government ‘kills’ political reservation for OBCs: Devendra

Veteran BJP leader Devendra Farnavis on Wednesday claimed that the incompetence of the Maha Bikash Aghadi (MVA) government in Maharashtra has deprived other backward classes (OBCs) of reservations in local body elections and even Madhya Pradesh has protected it. MVA government ministers should resign “those who failed to get OBC quota”, he demanded.

The Supreme Court on December 12, 2019 asked the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress government to complete the necessary ‘triple test’ to establish that OBCs should be given a quota in local government bodies, he told reporters here.

But the government has been pointing fingers at the central government for a year (due to lack of necessary information), the former chief minister said.

A commission was formed to prepare a report, but it was not given adequate funding and staff, and eventually the SC rejected its report, Fadnavis said in Nagpur.

In neighboring Madhya Pradesh, the government, following a court order, has completed the triple test and submitted a report, he said.

“When the apex court asked for a report in a different format last week, it was also submitted immediately,” the opposition leader of the state assembly added.

The court today allowed the preservation of OBCs in that state, Farnabis said.

“I would like to congratulate the MP government and add that the incompetent Maharashtra government has killed the OBC political reservation. The OBC reservation could have been implemented in the state if the Maharashtra government had triple-checked in time,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters in Mumbai, BJP MLA Devyani Farande criticized the MVA government on the issue and demanded the resignation of CM Thackeray for his “failure” to ensure the protection of OBCs.

He also termed the remarks of some state ministers as “completely misleading” that the Supreme Court’s decision to allow OBC quotas in local body elections in Madhya Pradesh could also apply to Maharashtra.

First, the Maharashtra government delayed the formation of a backward commission to collect empirical information in a timely manner and then further delayed allocating funds for it, he said.

“It is utterly misleading for the MVA government to say that the decision of the Supreme Court to allow OBC quota before local body elections in MP also applies in Maharashtra. The MP government has already submitted empirical information to the SC. That is why the Supreme Court allowed that government,” he said .

But the MVA government led by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has completely failed to secure political quotas for the community, he complained, adding, “Thackeray should step down.”

“I am shocked by the comments of two ministers from Maharashtra – Chhagan Bhujbal and Jitendra Awhad – who are misleading people that the SC decision in the case of Madhya Pradesh will also apply in Maharashtra. The Supreme Court is not opposed. OBC quota How can a quota be given? ” He asked.

It seems inevitable that local body elections in Maharashtra will be held without OBC quota and the entire blame lies with the MVA government, the BJP MLA alleged.

Targeting NCP leader Bhujbal, he said he had left the Shiv Sena, claiming that the party had opposed the Mandal Commission’s recommendation, which had greatly benefited the OBCs. “The way the MVA government has failed to secure quotas for OBCs, will it dare to do the same now?” He asked.

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