Manish Sisodia: BJP is doing ‘riot politics’, AAP is providing values

AAP senior leader Manish Sisodia on Tuesday lashed out at the Himachal Pradesh government, saying the state’s education system was “disrupted” and demanded that the BJP engage in “riot politics” when its party provides quality education.

Sisodia, who is also Delhi’s deputy chief minister, is touring the northern state ahead of assembly elections in December.

He accused the BJP of pursuing “riot politics” and pitting people against each other.

He said he had discussed the education system with intellectuals from every corner of Himachal Pradesh.

“The education system in Himachal Pradesh has collapsed because of the lack of basic infrastructure and quality education in government schools, while the fees in private schools are much higher because the state government has given them free to loot their people,” Sisodia told reporters.

He alleged that there was only one teacher in 2,000 government schools in the state and only two teachers in 6,500 government schools.

“Similarly, there are 10,000 schools in the state with only one or two classrooms,” he said, adding that 47 per cent of government schools do not have a principal.

Sisodia claims that the model of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s regime has positively changed the education system in the national capital in five years by providing quality education in public schools and setting fees in private schools.

“If the AAP government can provide quality education in Delhi at five, then why can’t the BJP government do it in Himachal Pradesh,” he questioned.

The AAP leader did not visit any government school in Shimla during his visit or address students and parents.

He said he would visit government schools during his next visit.

Sisodia urged the voters of Himachal Pradesh to give AAP a chance in the forthcoming elections so that it can provide quality education in the state.

If the AAP fails to provide quality education in Himachal Pradesh in five years after voting for power, the AAP will not run for re-election, he added.

Without naming names, Sisodia alleged that a minister in the state government hosted about 10 receptions at a five-star hotel for his son’s wedding.

The minister used to live in a two-room mud house before entering politics, but now he has so much money, he complained.

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