Not accepting defeat; The struggle for the rights of Jammu and Kashmir will continue

Reiterating his position that repealing Article 370 in August 2019 was “unconstitutional and illegal”, National Conference Vice-President Omar Abdullah on Saturday said his party was not ready to accept defeat and would continue its peaceful struggle for the rights of the people of Jammu. And Kashmir. The former chief minister slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders for demanding normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir in the wake of repeal of Article 370, which accorded special status to the previous state, saying “everyone except BJP-affiliated people is disappointed”.

“Some people are rushing to remove the word ‘state’ from everything as if Jammu and Kashmir had no state or its statehood would not be restored.

(SRTC) Trucks where the word state has been removed using color.

“They have changed the name of the company from JKSRTC to JKRTC even though the government is committed to restoring statehood … We are not ready to accept defeat. Let them do their best, we will continue our struggle peacefully. To restore our rights, dignity, identity and honor.” Said the party workers in the border district Punch.

He said the National Conference did not take to the streets and would not ask the people of Punch to provide a handle for their arrests and bullets and tear gas.

“We will not take the law into our own hands, we will not disturb the peace or we will not allow the people to go to war with each other. We will continue our struggle peacefully,” he said.

Abdullah said the National Conference would knock on every relevant door to restore the rights of the people and ensure justice.

Challenging the Centre’s decision to repeal Section 370, citing the Supreme Court’s decision to consider enrollment after the summer holidays, the NC leader said, “We hope the hearing will begin soon and the court will give its verdict.”

“We think what happened (in August 2019) was unconstitutional and illegal. The house of God is delayed but not dark. It may take some time but we will wait,” he said, adding, “My heart says we will get justice and I believe in it. ”

Warning the people against attempts to divide them on the basis of religion and region, he said, “We have suffered a lot and we must stand united to bring Jammu and Kashmir out of this quagmire.”

“They are trying to weaken us, divide us, oppress us and play with the future of our next generation. You have to make the right decision at the right time (during assembly elections) to get rid of them and your To secure the future. ”

Condemning the BJP-led government, he said it had failed to deliver on its promise to the people of Jammu and Kashmir while repealing Article 370 and justifying the decision to divide Jammu and Kashmir into Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

“They claimed that Article 370 is the biggest obstacle to restoring peace and normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir. Two and a half years later, I do not see any peace. People are still being killed in Kashmir. Inside their homes and now even in government offices. He referred to the recent killings of a Kashmiri Pandit employee inside the Budgam tehsil office and a special police officer in Pulwama district.

He said the failure of the government to provide security has increased the fear of people losing their sense of security.

“We were told that Article 370 was the cause of the separatist ideology and that it would change the mindset and the separatist ideology,” Abdullah said, adding that some young people wanted to take up arms and walk the “wrong path”. Knowing that they will be killed in a week, a month or six months.

“It’s confusing people that everything is fine,” he said.

“People were told that NC and others are obstructing development. Where is that development? I resigned as chief minister eight years ago and Mehbooba Mufti of PDP almost four years ago. J&K has been under central government rule since 2018 but development is nowhere to be seen.” He said.

Continuing his rebuke against the central government, he said they were talking about massive industrialization but “the reality is that no new industry has come here in the last four years”.

“Our industry is on the brink of collapse. Every six months, they bring people from Arab countries and travel to the valley for their photo opportunities because no one from our country’s industrial sector has come forward to invest in Kashmir.”

He said tourists visiting Jammu and Srinagar were good but expressed concern that the visits “failed to benefit” people living in remote villages in Punch and other districts.

“Tourists come and go but it is unfortunate that they have failed to bring a new area to the tourist map in the last four years,” Abdullah said.

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