Not everything can be ‘Murdabad’: Bhagwant Mann calls on Punjab farmers to protest

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Tuesday termed the farmers’ protest in the state as “undesirable and undesirable” but said he was ready for talks. Mann asked the farmers’ unions to stop chanting slogans and join hands with the state government to stop the erosion of Punjab’s eroded water table.

“I am ready to meet them (farmers), but ‘Murdabad’ (given slogan) is not the way … I myself am a farmer’s son … when I say basmati and mug dal will be in MSP … at least try. .. Not everything can be ‘Murdabad’, “Mann said on Tuesday.

Farmers in Punjab staged a protest near the Chandigarh-Mohali border on Tuesday after pressuring the government for a wheat crop bonus and barring them from going to the state capital to allow paddy sowing from June 10. The government has told the farmers not to go. Planting paddy till 18th June.

Mann said his door is open for farmers to negotiate but the “hollow slogan” cannot break his resolve to prevent further erosion of the water table. He further said that he is the son of a farmer and is well aware of the problems of crop growers.

“I am the son of a farmer. I know how it can happen. What’s the difference between June 18 and 10, ”he asked.

The Chief Minister asked the farmers to support him for one year and said that if there was any loss to the farmers during this period, the state government would give them full compensation. “Please support me for at least one year. If you suffer a loss, I will compensate you, “he said.

He wanted to tell the agitating farmers whether he was wrong because he was thinking of testing water conservation and environmental pollution in the state. “I want to ask reputable organizations to tell me what I’m doing wrong for the world,” he said.

Mann Kendra supported the year-long farmers’ protest against the now repealed farm law and even demanded compensation for farmers killed during the agitation at the Delhi border. He also demanded withdrawal of lawsuits against the protesting farmers.

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