Ola electric scooter switches to reverse mode, seriously injures 65-year-old

Ola has returned to the limelight after a 65-year-old man was seriously injured in Jodhpur and was involved in an electric scooter in ‘reverse mode’. Also, according to the user, this is the second time Ola EV has done this and he blames a software bug that the company needs to focus on fixing.

Pallav Maheshwari, a resident of Jodhpur, said the Ola scooter once went into reverse mode when he was riding, but at the time, he ignored it, thinking it was a mistake. However, the same thing happened to Pallab’s father when he was trying to park the scooter, seriously injured.

Pallav went on social media to highlight the incident and described the extent of his father’s injuries. He writes, “He almost banged his head against a wall with his skull open (now with 10 stitches) and broke his left arm which had to be inserted into 2 plates to operate.”

Pallab’s father has received the necessary treatment and is recovering, but such incidents have raised safety questions. Pallav asked Ola to withdraw the scooters and fix the errors, noting that Ola was compromising the safety of its customers with “poorly tested” products.

“I don’t think the health and safety rules in your #futurefactory will be compromised at this level,” he shared. “Even after multiple reports from multiple Ola subscribers triggering a full throttle reverse mode, no withdrawal or solution has been announced. I urge you not to let anyone else hurt you. “

Ola has been in the limelight lately after a scooter exploded in a fire, and another customer who was involved in the accident claimed that his speed increased when Ola tried to slow down for a speed breaker.

Ola quickly tweeted telemetric data that showed the user had accelerated and not broken, creating another controversy for EV makers regarding the storage and sharing of personal data.

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