Optic Fiber Installation: Legal support for RoW by December

The government will provide legal support for the Right of Way (RoW) by December to facilitate the installation of optical fiber, Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said while launching the kinetic communication portal on Saturday which will focus on and speed up the approval of optical fiber installation and mobile installation. The tower

“It simply came to our notice then. We will also work on the integration of all portals, especially kinetic energy, railways, highways and others, ”he said.

As the country prepares to launch 5G commercial services, mobile towers need to be fibrillated Currently, about 35% of towers are connected to fiber, and companies often point out the problems they face in getting RoW approval. Currently, RoW rules are based on administrative processes, and to empower local officials, a strong legal support is needed to bring clarity to the fee structure and fix accountability, the minister said. The industry can apply for RoW approval on the portal as they build telecom infrastructure with 5G services.

The portal offers a unified, integrated, centralized approach covering all state and union territories and central government ministries. For players, it promises to reduce the number of days involved with scheduled permissions, lower costs and easier to do business. The new Dynamics Transfer portal is expected to significantly simplify the process of RoW approval for players to set up infrastructure and offer a centralized and integrated approach to permissions.

Further, the integration of the portal with GIS will give more visibility to the state government and various agencies in optical fiber mesh and digital networks. RoW approval time has already come down from 100 days to 22 days, Vaishnav said, praising the state governments for their active role in streamlining the processes.

The portal was created by MP State Electronics Development Corporation. Industry body COAI praised the initiative, saying telecom service providers and infrastructure providers would be able to submit their applications and process the authorization with the portal to set up digital network infrastructure and give timely permission. “The launch of this portal is a game-changer and another milestone for the telecom industry, enabling faster launch of digital infrastructure across the country and reduction of previous delays,” said TR Dua, Director General, Digital Infrastructure Providers Association (DIPA).

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