Prestige Group launches bullish as Mumbai’s next main market

Prestige Group – one of the leading real estate developers in the country – is establishing its presence in Mumbai through multiple launches after achieving a record pre-sale collection of over Rs 10,000 crore in the financial year ended March 31, 2022. BKC, Mahalakshmi, Yogi Hills (Mulund) ) And commercial and residential projects in Bandra.

The ‘highest’ city Mumbai, with its aspirations and opportunities, makes it the perfect real estate market for Prestige Group.

Commenting on the same, Irfan Razak, Chairman and Managing Director, Prestige Group, said, “Mumbai has established itself as India’s leading commercial hub, with the state recording the highest GST collection in India and contributing 15% of GST to the Indian economy as a whole. . I am delighted to announce the launch of our new residential and commercial project in the city, and we look forward to establishing our presence in the West by carrying the Prestige Group’s delivery assurance, premium living experience and highest quality trademark commitment. To the people of Mumbai. “

During the launch, Tariq Ahmed, CEO of Prestige Group, West India, said, “Building our confidence with our customers from house to house and creating their residency address in Bangalore city, Prestige Group is honored to bring us to Mumbai. Our legacy is not just the distribution of real estate but our honesty pricing system, home, hotel and mall customers’ joy and most importantly trust. We are proud to initiate some of the largest and most exclusive commercial and residential development in the land of dreams and opportunities, Mumbai, Mahalakshmi, Bandra, BKC and Mulund. These projects are designed to bring a luxurious and contemporary lifestyle and work experience to our customers. “

“The Prestige Group has always been customer-centric and just known for going beyond the concept of building. We want to be problem solvers by adding a touch of creativity to everything we create. And we could not think of a better city expansion than our own, Amchi Mumbai. Challenging but there are arrangements for everything and we believe that we as a group will be able to make the lives of Mumbaikars more dignified, ”he added.

According to Prestige Group, they are ready to successfully deliver the following launches:

Mahalakshmi – Prestige Jasdan Classic is a private 2 acre oasis in the center of Mahalakshmi, South Mumbai. With just 233 supersized 2, 3 and 4-bed accommodations, spacious sundeck with a clear view of the Mumbai skyline, residents will enjoy exclusiveness at every level.

Bandra – The Prestige Group is entering one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city – Pali Hill, Bandra. A luxury development with luxurious 4-bed canvas accommodation, Prestige Daffodils will be a haven for the best in Mumbai.

Prestige City, Yogi Hills, Mulund is the experience of living along the largest integrated hill in central Mumbai. Just minutes from LBS Road, this 30-acre development will include premium residential, commercial, and high street retail space, including a proposed school, hospital, and temple. The group’s first offer will be Belanja in The Prestige City – a premium residential cluster with spacious 2- and 3-bed accommodation and a plethora of living amenities.

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