Rahul Gandhi: BJP works to create division, Congress to connect with all: Rahul

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday accused the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of trying to create two Hindustans, one for the rich and the other for the poor.

Speaking at a rally here, he also taunted Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the state of the economy, accusing him of destroying the economy “strengthened” by the former UPA government.

He said the Congress was working to connect everyone where the BJP was working to create divisions.

The BJP and Modi want to create two Hindustans, one for the rich and select two or three industrialists and the other for the Dalits, the peasants, the poor and the disadvantaged.

The Congress leader said the two ideologies were fighting in the country.

“Congress says we must move forward by connecting with everyone, respecting and protecting everyone’s culture. The BJP works to divide, ‘crush’ and ‘suppress’. (BJP) works to erase the history and culture of the tribals, ”he said in the tribal-dominated areas of southern Rajasthan.

“We work to connect while they work to share. We help the weak and they help the selected top industrialists, ”he said.

The Congress leader, who has been targeting the government over the state of the economy and unemployment, said, “The BJP government has attacked our economy. It has hurt the economy. ”

“Every young person knows that they cannot get a job in India today. Inflation is rising, ”he said.

Gandhi said the Center had brought three laws against the peasants which had to be withdrawn after the protests and complained that two or three elected industrialists were supposed to get the full benefit of the laws.

Noting that the Congress has a very old and deep relationship with the tribals, he said, “We protect your history, we do not want to suppress or erase your history. When we had the UPA government at our center, we enacted historic legislation to protect the forests and water of the indigenous peoples. ”

Praising the Congress government led by Ashok Gehlot, Gandhi said that it was working for the benefit of peasants, tribals, dalits and all sections of the society.

He also lauded the state government’s initiative to open English medium government schools.

Speaking at the rally, Gehlot said the situation in the country was “worrying” and that it would only progress if there was peace and harmony.

“For 70 years, Congress has worked to keep the country united. We are proud that we are Hindus but it is our duty to respect other religions as well. Our policies and programs are in the interest of the nation, ”he said.

Gehlot said the country must be run on the basis of the constitution.

The gathering was held near Beneshwar Dham, a tribal pilgrimage site.

Beneshwar Dham is located at the confluence of three rivers – Som, Mahi and Jakham – and is located on the Banswara-Dungarpur border.

Addressing the tribals at the rally, Gandhi said that he was told that a fair of tribals was being organized at Dham which is considered as the ‘Mahakumbh’ of the tribals and he would come to attend the fair and see the ‘Mahakumbh’ of the tribals.

Earlier, Gandhi laid the foundation stone of a high-level bridge at Beneshwar Dham (Dungarpur) and visited the temple there. From there he reached Karana village of Banswara by helicopter to address the public meeting.

Gandhi was accompanied by Chief Minister Gehlot, PCC chief Govind Singh Dotasara, former deputy CM Sachin Pilot and other senior leaders of the party.

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