Rahul Gandhi’s ‘lack of ideals’ remarks upset regional allies, RJD asks

In the party’s ‘Chintan Shibir’, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi remarked that regional parties could not fight the BJP-RSS because their lack of ideology had upset some regional allies.

The Bihar ally of the Congress, RJD, on Monday asked Gandhi to look at the recent electoral history of regional parties fighting hard against the BJP as it mocked him for his critical remarks aimed at them, saying the Congress leader’s demands were “bizarre”. And not consistent with his own team position.

RJD spokesperson Manoj Kumar Jha said regional parties were strong in the majority seats in the Lok Sabha in the fight against the BJP, and that the Congress should decide to be a “companion” and allow them to hold “driving seats” in more than 320 seats. 543 parliamentary constituencies. It is also a point RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav has made, he noted.

He referred to the Congress announcement in the camp and asked him to taunt him, saying that Gandhi would correct his statement if he saw the data. He said there was no similarity between history and such statements.

The declaration said that the Congress was committed to establishing a dialogue with all like-minded parties to safeguard the spirit of nationalism and democracy and would pave the way for the formation of alliances in line with the political situation.

Another ally of the Congress – the JMM in Jharkhand – also noted that the Congress was dependent on regional parties for survival in the state.

JD (S) leader HD Kumaraswamy scoffed at the Congress, saying the party had created a “phobia” of regional parties. Rahul Gandhi, he said, should keep in mind that the Congress has ruled the Center for 10 years only with the help of regional parties.

In a seemingly sarcastic note, he asked the former Congress president to elaborate on his ideological commitment to regional parties, while stating that the Jatiya Party had no presence in most parts of the country.

Veteran Congress leader Shashi Tharoor tried to downplay Gandhi’s remarks.

“I think what he (Rahul Gandhi) meant – at least we all understood what he meant – we have a national vision. We speak and think for the whole country. However, regional parties, by their nature and character, are usually confined to a specific region or group of interests, “Tharoor was quoted as saying by NDTV.

“I think the DMK’s ideology, for example, for the Trinamool, the RJD, the Socialist Party or even for the most part, would be consistent and consistent with what the Congress stands for,” he added.

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