rajya sabha: BJP will get more Rajya Sabha seats from UP

The BJP is all set to increase its membership in the Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh, where the BSP and Congress will lose 11 seats in the state upper house in the forthcoming elections.

Uttar Pradesh sends 31 members to Rajya Sabha. Of the 11 retired MPs in the state, five are from the BJP, three from the SP, two from the BSP and one from the Congress.

The Election Commission announced on Thursday that polling would be held on June 10 to fill 57 Rajya Sabha seats in 15 states, including 111 in Uttar Pradesh. These seats will be vacant due to the retirement of members between June and August.

Congress’s Kapil Sibal, BSP general secretary Satish Chandra Mishra and Samajwadi Party’s Riot Raman Singh are among the members whose terms are coming to an end.

A candidate with 403 elected members in the UP Assembly would need at least 34 votes to win. The results of the recent state assembly elections have changed the equation.

With 273 MLAs, the BJP-led NDA will be able to easily elect eight members, while the SP and its allies (RLD and SBSP) will be able to ensure the victory of three candidates with a strength of 125 MLAs.

The Congress has two MLAs and Mayawati has one MLA in the BSP assembly.

After Sibal’s retirement, the representation of the Congress in the upper house of the state will be nil.

Two senior BSP leaders, Satish Chandra Mishra and Ashok Siddharth, will retire in July, leaving only one member in the upper house, Ramji Gautam.

Among the five retired BJP RS MPs are Zafar Islam, Shiv Pratap Shukla, Sanjay Seth, Surendra Nagar and Joy Prakash Nishad.

Among those who are completing their terms in the SP is former UP Legislative Council chairman Sukhram Singh Yadav, whose son Mohit has joined the BJP.

Apart from Yadav, the terms of Riot Raman Singh and Vishambhar Prasad Nishad will also expire in July.

The Election Commission has announced the date of notification for the RS election on 24 May when the vote will be held on 10 June. The results will come on the same day.

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