Sachin Pilot: Congress to be ‘central pillar’ of anti-BJP formation for 2024

The Congress must have a “pivot” and around which an anti-BJP alliance is formed and a “UPA plus plus” formation would be the “best” way to deal with the BJP-led NDA in the 2024 general elections. This was stated by veteran Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Thursday.

In an interview with PTI ahead of the party’s ‘thinking camp’, which began here on Friday, Pilot emphasized that a successful electoral strategy would be the top agenda item in the three-day intelligence session.

Accusing the ruling BJP of diverting people’s attention from the real issues, he said “some marginal elements” were trying to change some monuments and street names.

He questioned whether the demand to change the name of the Qutub Minar or the Taj Mahal was more important than the “skyrocketing” prices of petrol, diesel, cooking gas and food.

“These are things to distort the narrative and draw the eyebrows of the people when the price of lemon is Rs 300 per kg, Rs 1,000 per cylinder and petrol around Rs 125. Fiscal year is chaotic. Management and economic policies of the government are a huge failure and no accountability of the government.” No, “said the pilot.

Asked about his expectations from ‘Chintan Shibir’, the former Rajasthan deputy chief minister said the idea was to think, create a new blueprint, revive party messaging and incorporate changes to restructure and prepare the organization. Deal with future political challenges.

“I think the camp will be very useful and result-oriented. As people in Delhi have said, the idea is not to create a manifesto or an agenda for the AICC session, it is about how to take stock, how to convey. Ideas and changes and then move on. In the next few weeks and months, whatever challenges lie ahead, we will be able to overcome them successfully, “said the pilot.

He expressed confidence that after the ‘thinking camp’, the party would have a roadmap and a clear agenda.

People will speak their minds and there will be an open discussion for three days because it is not just about exchanging ideas but also about bringing effective points that can be delivered, said Pilot, who is a member of the economic panel formed by the Congress chief. Sonia Gandhi will lead the discussion in ‘Chintan Shibir’.

Asked whether the Congress should form the basis of an anti-BJP alliance for the 2024 elections despite the recent electoral turmoil, he said it was quite clear that nationally, the Congress was the only political party with expansion, propaganda and bandwidth. To take against the BJP.

“Regional parties have a very important role to play and we must work together to ensure that we are able to defeat the NDA in 2024. The results of the five state elections were clearly a shock to all of us and that means we have to work harder and as Mrs. (Sonia) Gandhi told the CWC that there must be a collective determination to give up and ensure that we are in constant touch with the people, “said Pilot.

The former Union Minister stressed that the Congress should remain as the “central pillar” around which other forces could unite.

He noted that there was going to be some “give and take” between the coalition parties for the greater good of the country and for the 2024 elections.

“Of course there is something to be given and something to be accepted, but the Congress will and should be a key center around which we can form an anti-BJP body for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections,” he said.

If the leadership of the anti-BJP alliance stays with the Congress, further pressure will be exerted, Pilot said, adding that each regional party has its own strengths in the region, but nationally, across the country, the Congress must be at the center for that structure. Along

“Perhaps a UPA plus plus structure would be the best against the NDA,” he said.

Whether a larger alliance should be formed soon against the BJP in 2024, Pilot said there is already a UPA but he believes that “a bigger canvas” is needed to get into the NDA in 2024.

“Don’t forget that the NDA has lost many partners since 2019 and anyone who opposes the politics of the Indian government should come forward, join hands and resolve to show partnership because look at the country, where we are going.” He said.

Referring to the recent outbreak of violence in some parts of the country, Pilot said there were “many fires” in various parts of the country and stressed that such flare-ups may be sporadic but not entirely unintentional because “there must be some force behind it”.

“They (BJP) are just trying to create an atmosphere of hostility, wreaking havoc on the target audience, renaming the streets, erecting monuments, diverting people’s attention and making noise so as to confuse the minds of the people.”

Asked if Congress has the power to reform from within or whether professional help is needed in light of recent party discussions, Pilot said the party, with electoral strategist Prashant Kishore who failed to make it effective again, said it was not new and had been in the last 10-15 years. , Almost all parties have used agencies and platforms to get their message across to voters.

He added, however, that Congress has sufficient resources and capacity to do what it needs to do.

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