Shanghai closes half of its make-shift hospital amid sharp collapse of Covid-19

After a gradual decline in daily COVID-19 infections in Shanghai, the city has closed half of its make-shift hospitals, warning citizens of a possible epidemic return to some old neighborhoods.

The number of patients treated at Shanghai’s temporary hospital has dropped to about 50,000, one-fifth of the highest number when the epidemic was at its worst, Ding Bo, who is in charge of relocating patients to the city’s Covid Prevention Task Force, told a news conference. Briefing, Global Times Report.

Five of the 10 municipal-level temporary hospitals were closed as of 194 194 confirmed cases and 1,487 silent carriers were reported in the city on Friday, according to authorities at a news conference Saturday.

However, local health officials have warned of a possible epidemic rebound in Shanghai’s old neighborhoods where preventive measures have a weak foundation, the Global Times reported.

Relevant departments should have a clear hold on the number of residents living in these communities as well as their living conditions and report any potential risks as soon as they are found, officials added.

Yangpu District, an area in Shanghai where the oldest neighborhoods are most concentrated, reported 549 new infections on Thursday, three times the number recorded the day before.

As cases escalated, the district announced Friday night that the district would conduct all-member nucleic acid tests for three consecutive days, adding that residents should refrain from going outside without being tested.

According to the Global Times, according to CCTV on Saturday, members of the two groups in Yangpu District have been blamed for their poor performance in preventing and controlling the epidemic.

As COVID-19 cases continue to grow, Chinese authorities are committed to a “zero-tolerance” policy, imposing strict lockdowns on the slightest threat of disease outbreaks.

Due to the growing COVID-19 transmission in China and the implementation of the zero-cavid policy by Xi Jinping, Shanghai has hit global supply chains as China’s main export hub.

Meanwhile, officials said that 645 of the 867 industrial establishments above the prescribed size in the region have resumed production till Friday, with a resumption rate of 74.4 per cent.

Shanghai’s goal is to reach zero community-level zero new Covid-19 cases by mid-May and social life, including public traffic, shops and schools, will gradually return to order, Global Times reported, citing King Shanghai’s executive vice mayor Wu Wu on Friday. Dr.

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