Shiv Sena: Maharashtra Congress Sena accuses NCP of changing ward boundaries

Congress has accused its two allies of trying to curb its electoral influence in the state. Maharashtra Congress chief Nana Patole on Wednesday accused the Nationalist Congress Party and Shiv Sena of redistributing wards in a way that would adversely affect the Congress. The party also warned that the matter could go to court.

“If the parties decide the boundaries of the ward according to their own interests, there will be an objection and we will go to court,” Patole said.

The Congress alleges that the municipal wards for the Pune Municipal Corporation elections and the Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections have been renewed in such a way as to divide the pocket pockets of the Congress and benefit the NCP in Pune and the Shiv Sena in Mumbai.

Patole said that as the Congress was an ally of Maha Bikash Aghadi (MVA), its interests should be taken into consideration while rebuilding these wards. “Everyone has to be trusted.

If the interests of your own allies are not considered, and they are adversely affected, we will object. We also had problems with the number of electoral panels proposed for civic organizations, ”said the state Congress chief. In response to a question, he admitted that the Pune border of the wards would help the NCP while in Mumbai it would help the Shiv Sena.

A Mumbai Congress leader said the party would have an adverse effect on at least 12 to 15 wards in Mumbai. “The NCP does not have a presence in Mumbai, so they are not complaining about the army’s move, and similarly, there is not much military presence in Pune, so they are not making a big deal. However, we have a presence in both the districts and it will have an adverse effect on us, “said the Congress leader.

One week ago, Patole publicly criticized the NCP for forming an alliance with the BJP for the Gondia district council elections. He briefed the Congress leadership in Delhi on the NCP’s move.

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