Siddaramaiah urges Karnataka CM to stop printing textbooks with RSS founder

After a debate over the inclusion of RSS founder Keshab Boliram Hedgewar’s speech in school textbooks, senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah on Wednesday called on Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bomai to immediately stop printing textbooks and discuss the issue with intellectuals and education experts. .

According to official sources, Hedgewar’s lecture was included as part of a revised Kannada textbook for 10th grade students.

“If the media reports about the revised curriculum are true, then the matter is very serious. To avoid speculation and controversy over the issue, @CMofKarnataka @BSBommai should provide clarification, “Siddaramaiah tweeted.

He said that while Karnataka has many famous writers, intellectuals and education experts, the BJP government in the state has chosen to insult the people by handing over the job to an inexperienced youth of RSS.

“The government should withdraw the draft submitted by the present textbook revision committee and dissolve the committee. Appoint a new committee consisting of education experts, intellectuals and prominent Kannada writers, ”he added.

The Karnataka Textbook Society said that a committee headed by Rohit Chakraborty was formed to examine and revise the textbooks of social sciences and languages ​​and it revised the textbooks of social sciences from class 6 to 10 and Kannada language textbooks from class 1 to 10.

Complaining that the BJP has already desecrated religion for political reasons, Siddaramaiah said, “Now, they are trying to politicize the learning space to spoil the minds of innocent children for political gain. It is unfortunate and the people should oppose it. ” “Let the BJP use Hedgewar, Golwalkar and Godse in their political rallies and ask for votes by showing their portraits. People will evaluate what is right or wrong, and decide. But don’t do politics of education for selfish reasons, ”he added.

On Monday, Primary and Secondary Education Minister BC Nagesh Kannada expressed support for the inclusion of a headgear lecture in the textbook.

He said the textbook had nothing to do with headgear or RSS, but only that his speech should inspire people, especially young people, adding that those who objected did not go through the textbook.

Amid complaints from some quarters that the text of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh has been omitted, the Textbook Society on Tuesday clarified that the chapter has not been removed and the 10th grade Kannada textbook is currently in print.

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