Sirona has launched a new campaign #PeriodsHiTohHai 7

Sirona has launched her new campaign #PeriodsHiTohHai for Hygiene Monthly Hygiene Day. Aimed at resolving the stigma surrounding the period, the campaign, which went live on May 16, 2022, will run across India till May 28, 2022. As part of the campaign, the brand has also launched a social media engagement activity.

“Through this campaign we aim to strengthen period positivity and break period stigma. Sirona’s products help to solve menstrual problems for women. We also create educational materials in the form of videos, blogs, infographics to keep our audience well informed, “said Deepa Bajaj, Founder and CEO, Sirona Hyzin.

The ad film highlights the stigma attached to the period in Indian families. The film depicts the lives of two sisters named Sania and Sonia, where Sania hides her sanitary pad from her father and Sonia interrogates her sister about this privacy. To teach Sania a lesson, Sonia starts wrapping her daily use products such as water bottles, toothpaste, medicines and much more with brown paper until Sania realizes the mischief run by her younger sister and confronts her about this behavior. The ad then carries a social message, ‘If you don’t hide other medical / hygiene products, why would you hide period products? Periods are nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Let’s make it normal.

The goal of Sirona Hygiene is to address intimate and menstrual health issues for women, which are not adequately addressed in the country. To address these issues, the company offers products such as pain relief patches, oxo-degradable disposable bags, anti-chafing rash creams, pubbody and pebdi pregrix. In addition, they provide monthly cups, tampons and panty liners, underarm sweat pads, maternity breast pads and intimate wet wipes, intimate washes, therapeutic body washes, bodyguard subsidiaries including N95 and N99 masks and mosquito repellents. )

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