SLCM will set up 36 new offices in 16 states this fiscal

Sohan Lal Commodity Management Pvt Ltd (SLCML) on Wednesday announced its business expansion plans and said it would set up 36 new offices in 16 states in the current financial year.

At present, the company has four offices in Delhi, Bihar and West Bengal.

“The company aims to strengthen its presence across India with 36 new offices in 16 states,” SLCML said in a statement.

These offices will serve as the “agricultural development centers” connecting threads between SLCM’s digital applications and the already existing physical network of 9,244 warehouses across India, it added.

Farmers, businesses and government agencies will consider offices as a one-stop solution to access all services, including warehousing, purchasing and agricultural financing, the statement said.

SLCM said it recently received a patent for its real-time data management method and is the only company in India to have registered a technology patent in the Department of Agricultural Logistics (warehousing).

Capitalizing on the patent testimony, SLCM Group CEO Sandeep Sabharwal said the company is looking forward to vertical scaling up its ‘digital venture’. The company is currently developing a mobile application that will provide all its services on a single platform.

“We are currently working on a variety of other technologies that have the potential to enable efficient integration of physical infrastructure with digitalized enterprises, thereby strengthening the foundation of the ‘digital’ agricultural supply chain,” he added.

Founded in 2009, SLCM Group offers technology-driven warehousing services, such as scientific storage, fumigation, testing and certification for agricultural products, and financing against storage acquisitions in India and Myanmar.

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