Solaris will provide light-hybrid buses in Montenegro

The main seaport of Montenegro, Port of Bar, has selected Solaris in a public tender as the supplier of an Urbino 12 light hybrid bus. It marks the 33rd market in the list of countries where Solaris is present Delivery of this low-emission bus is scheduled for December 2022.

In early May, a contract with a new client for the company in charge of Solaris – Port of Bar, Montenegro’s main seaport, was finalized. The agreement includes the delivery of a low-emission Urbino 12 light hybrid bus that will be used primarily to transport port staff and guests.

This collaboration has opened the door for the manufacturer in its 33rd market where Solaris buses support public transport. Sumo (Sustainable Mobility in Port Cities in the South Adriatic Region) – The purchase was co-financed by the EU as part of the Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro project.

Light hybrid-type vehicles work just as well as hybrid buses, so they provide much greater flexibility as well as environmental and economic benefits. The system used in the Urbino Mild Hybrid is based on an internal combustion engine powered by an “electric machine” that acts as a power generator.

This shuts off the combustion engine, which saves fuel and reduces emissions. Light-hybrid solutions take advantage of energy recovery technology and recover and store energy during braking. The recovered energy is kept in a storage unit and then used when the engine is under pressure, such as during acceleration.

At that moment, the machine acts as an electric motor. As a result, light hybrids are less polluting and more environmentally friendly.

The Urbino 12 light hybrid has been on sale since 2020 and is a popular model from Solaris. So far, the bus manufacturer has secured orders for about 70 units of this type of vehicle. The agreement includes, among others, one for 16 Urbino light hybrids to Hanau (Germany), one for 29 buses in Poland and one for four vehicles to Vienna (Austria).

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