Tactical Harvey has partnered with Kellogg to launch the program at ‘Design and Branding’

Clever Harvey has partnered with Kellogg’s, an American multinational food manufacturing company, to launch an industry-certified course, Junior MBA Branding and Design, for high school students in grades eight through 12.M.

“Designing concepts, including principles of human-centered design, packaging, sensitive design and visual design, will help adolescents develop strategic communication skills and develop user empathy as they get a sense of what they need to succeed in this career,” said Sriram Subramanian. Co-founder, clever Harvey.

The 15-day program provides students with hands-on exposure to the work of creative professionals as they learn to solve an art project from Kellogg’s. Working in groups of two or three, and led by a clever Harvey facilitator, students will travel behind the scenes in one of the most creative sectors of the business world – branding and design. As they learn to create design prototypes with step-by-step instructions, students build a strong foundation for strategic thinking.

“One of the things that helps students today is gaining real experience through multiple internships. Although technical skills are required, exposure to practical experience and working on brands is invaluable. It opens up their Vista and helps them understand where their interests and talents are. This experience is crucial to their success in their choice, ”said Pooja Chandana, Associate Director (Insights and Analysis) at Kellogg.

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