Tatas is preparing a blueprint for launching ‘battery companies’ in India and abroad

The Tata Group is preparing a blueprint for launching a “battery company” in India and abroad as part of its transformation to prepare for the future, Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the CII Business Summit 2022, Chandrasekharan further said that the group would announce a group-level goal “in a massive transformation” to prepare for the future and soon to be carbon neutral.

“We are transforming our core businesses to prepare for the future, a transformation where we are firmly integrating digital, data, AI and sustainability into the core of the business …,” he said.

The group has also entered a new field as existing business transformation continues, citing the example of Chandrasekaran Group’s Tata New Super app, an electronics company that manufactures precision globally to prepare itself for a universal-channel consumer face to face ecosystem and launch “on a very large scale”. There is ambition. “

He added, “We have launched a company to manufacture telecom gear for 5G and beyond for the global market. We are preparing a blueprint for launching our battery company in India and abroad. “

Emphasizing the importance of sustainability, he said: “We have a group-level agenda on sustainability, which we will announce soon, where we have a group-level goal towards becoming carbon neutral. At the same time, we will tackle the huge impact that we can have on communities, “he said. Everyone, every company will not only be water neutral, we will go beyond that. ”

Elaborating on the transformation adopted by the group’s existing companies, Chandrasekaran said, “Our auto company has made significant changes in passenger cars. In fact, our market share has grown because we have made this change. In commercial vehicles, we are looking at alternative energy, we are looking at hydrogen fuel cells. We’re doing the same thing with the Jaguar Land Rover. ”

Tata Motors, the automotive company with over USD 100 billion, is leading the Indian electric passenger car market in sales through its models such as Nexon EV and Tigor EV. It recently unveiled an electric concept AVINYA, based on which new electric models will come with an extended range of more than 500 kilometers. Tata Motors’ commercial vehicle division has recently launched an all-electric version of its popular mini truck, the Ace.

Chandrasekharan added that the group’s power company, Tata Power, is shifting its focus not only to renewable utility scales but also to consumer renewables.

“We are doing the same thing in steel, not only in terms of recycling, but also in terms of preparing a blueprint for hydrogen,” he added.

When asked what could be added to the Tata brand, which group companies perform well, widely believed in moving forward, he said it should be driving performance and be ambitious.

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