‘Textbook repetition of Babri Masjid’: Court orders sealing of area

A few minutes after a Varanasi court ordered the Uttar Pradesh government to immediately seal the complex where a ‘Shivling’ was found inside the Gyanvapi Mosque after a court-ordered survey was completed, said Asaduddin Waisi, leader of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM). Compared with the development of the mosque.

“This is a repetition of the December 1949 textbook at Babri Masjid. This order itself changes the religious nature of the mosque. This is a violation of the 1991 law. It was my fear and it came true. Gyanbapi Mosque was and will remain a mosque till the day of judgment, ”tweeted Owaisi.

The three-day videography survey of the mosque ended today. Shortly after the survey was completed, the court ordered the closure of a Shivling where it was found. It prohibits anyone from entering the sealed area.

The local court directed the DM, Commissioner of Police, Commissionerate of Police and CRPF Commandant Varanasi to monitor the security of the place where the Shivling was found.

The survey was earlier challenged by the Gyanvapi Mosque authorities as they last week barred a court-appointed survey commissioner from entering the premises to do videography. After the court ordered the survey to continue, the Gyanvapi mosque authorities approached the Supreme Court. However, the Supreme Court has decided to issue an interim injunction while listing the videography survey for immediate hearing. SC 7 is going to hear the application for postponing the survey on Tuesday

After the survey ended on Monday, Varanasi Police Commissioner Satish Ganesh told reporters, “The three-day action ended on Monday. This was done in an ideal environment where no law enforcement incidents took place. We thank the people of Kashi for their cooperation. ” He urged the media not to “pay attention to any unofficial statements”.

“After working for more than two hours, the Court Commission finished its work around 10.15am on Monday. All the parties were satisfied with the work, ”Varanasi District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma, who called for peace before the start of the three-day survey, told reporters.

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