The announcement of a dual degree from UGC will open up multiple career options

By Rohan Prem Sagar

Regulations for Dual Degree Program University Grants Commission (UGC) April 12 Chairman Dr. As per the announcement of Jagdesh Kumar, it has been adopted for the coming academic year. Higher education institutions have started offering some programs through Open and Distance Learning (Open and Distance Learning). ODL) and online learning (OL) modes to solve the problem of limited seats in certain programs.

According to a recent UGC announcement, students will be able to:

i) Follow physically dual university courses through the two-shift system now in use, or

ii) Enroll in two different universities based on their proximity, or

iii) Choose ODL / OL mode for second degree.

Universities need to plan proposals based on different possibilities to respond to student needs. Students can choose from various Indian and international universities that meet the required criteria.

Beneficial for dual degree motivated students. According to the UGC chairman, the decision to award the double degree was taken “to give the students the opportunity to acquire innumerable talents.” The two programs must be at the same level. Students can only program two Bachelors, two Masters or two Diplomas at a time. It is not merely a double degree; Students will earn two degrees for full-time study.

Although students’ choice of the main branch depends on their interests, it also depends on the resources of the institution. To make this program work, a thought-provoking approach is needed. Students can earn a second degree in a field related to the basic degree or in an integrated domain of interest.

Now, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits must be exploited and the challenges must be overcome. Double degree programs will provide various benefits. The biggest advantage is that students pursuing two degrees will learn different disciplines at the same time.

Many combinations of subjects will help students in their careers if they choose to offer a double-degree. Here is a list of indicators:

Business and computer information systems

Almost every industry usually needs professionals who understand computer systems, programming and algorithmic processes, networks and data analysis. Computer science is responsible for the existence of the Internet, digital photography, email and open source software. Management information systems help organizations make data more accessible and valuable.

This technology can improve data collection, security and evaluation, making business decisions more informed, reducing risk and achieving better results. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems are able to develop, implement, protect and manage these systems.

Statistics and public health

Statistics are an important part of the public health assessment function, as they are used to identify specific risk groups, identify potential health threats, plan and evaluate public health programs, and prepare government budgets. This combination of courses also contributes to a variety of job roles, such as public health analysts and research analysts.

Computer information systems and accounting

An accounting information system collects data describing the activities of an organization, keeps a detailed financial record of the activities of the organization, converts the information into information and makes the data accessible to users both inside and outside the organization. There is a wide range of career options for those who have a degree in information systems. Jobs range from Programmer Analyst to Business Analyst, Manager and Chief Financial Officer.

Economics and computer science

Computer Science and Economics (CSEC) is a cross-disciplinary major student interested in the practical and theoretical connection between computer science and economics. Postgraduates in economics and computer science can build careers as data scientists, economic analysts and industrial economists.

When students have more tools on hand, they will have an overall idea of ​​how things work when they go out into the world and follow their careers. The most significant benefit of such a program is that it enhances a student’s performance. A student pursuing an engineering degree may pursue a related niche degree. Collectively, these two degrees will benefit the student more than one who has only one bachelor’s degree.

Today’s youth must compete with their peers around the world. Employers need employees who can show more depth in different domains. We must be free from the past of a domain; University education must now be from multiple fields of study. This is the essence of the new education policy proposed by the Government of India. Young people with diverse skills will survive and thrive in any situation and in any part of the world. Universities and institutions need to be prepared for this new thinking.

(The author is a trustee and part of the Board of Governors at Dayanand Sagar University, Bangalore. The opinions expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of

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